SIA Training Course

Security Industry Authority (SIA)

 Security Industry Authority (SIA) is a managing authority that manages and regulates the Private Security Authority in the UK. SIA is responsible for managing two things. Firstly, it ensures that everyone working in the Private Security Authority is qualified according to the criteria of SIA. Secondly, it manages a check and balance on the working capacity, capability, and credibility of SIA training centres. SIA training course is compulsory for the employees of private security authorities in the UK. In the SIA training course, students are prepared for different jobs in the Private Security Authority. A test under the supervision of SIA officials is conducted on the completion of the course and certificates are awarded to the successful candidates. Only SIAapproved institutions are allowed to conduct such training and award certificates on the behalf of SIA. These are the following SIA training courses that are offered by SIAapproved training centres in the UK.

SIA Door Supervisor Training

 SIA Door Supervisor Training enables a person to become a certified Cooperate Security Guard. It is compulsory to have a first-aid certificate before applying for the SIA door supervisor training. It takes 4 to 6 days to get through SIA Door Supervisor training approximately. After training one has to apply for the test. A license that is valid for three years is awarded after the clearance of the test. Door Supervisors are responsible for the entry policies in pubs, bars, hotels, and all the private licensed venues. A door supervisor not only ensures safe entry but also keeps an eye on the internal situation of a particular venue.

SIA CCTV Training

 SIA CCTV Training course enables a person to monitor and control the CCTV system of any building, commercial area, pub, or bar. It is designed to cover all the aspects of CCTV monitoring and controlling computer-based security systems. SIA CCTV training course is designed keeping in view all the legal aspects of public monitoring. Specific qualifications are not needed to get the SIA CCTV Training. Basic computer knowledge is enough to understand the training. SIA CCTV License enables the holder to work as a CCTV operator in different companies in the country. SIA CCTV license is valid for three years.

First Aid Course

First Aid Course enables a person to perform to react to an emergency in an organized and professional way. A first aid course enriches a person with the skills of dealing with accidental injuries and pains. If someone has done a First Aid Course, he may save lives and react like an expert. The goal of the First Aid Course is to make the individuals able enough to preserve life, prevent further illness, and promote recovery. There are two important First Aid Courses. Level 1 First aid course which is a oneday training and Level-2 First Aid Course which is a threeday training. More skill sets are being taught in Level-2 First Aid Courses.

Traffic Marshall Courses

Traffic Marshall Courses trains a person to regulate the security of workers on construction sites and roadways. A Traffic Marshall Course teaches a person to keep an eye on the precautionary measures at workplaces. Traffic Marshall ensures the safe entry of the visitors and the workers at construction sites. Moreover,  a traffic Marshall works at heavy vehicles around construction sites as the eyes and ears of the driver. The Traffic Marshall Course remains valid for three years and a refresher course is needed to renew the certification for a further three years. A valid CSCS Green Card is compulsory for a traffic Marshall to work on construction sites.

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